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We present family whirlpool baths ready to sell in Prague and Ostravaj

Our main goal is to offer the best available products to our customers and partners. Our providers focus on development and manufacturing of the most advanced technologies and components in the field of private and commercial spa and wellness. The leading products we sell are family whirlpool baths for private use, Finnish saunas, and dual swimming pools with a massage compartment.

We do our best to offer the best possible warranty and post-warranty service and technical support, fully professional customer care, and reliable technical base. Every customers the best customer service and individual support, refardless of his or her purchase value. It is possible to come and see all offered models in our showrooms. We display atypical models, such as the Manta whirlpool bath, as well as our bestsellers Dephina or Nemo. The king size range is represented by the largest dual swimming and welness models called Swim SPA.

Yours sincerely, Jan Mikisek, Commercial Manager


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It All Starts with a Purchase…

We give full measure to keep correct long-term relationship with our clients. Every client deserves the best in therms of quality and service. We always observe a business code. If you are looking for a whirlpool bath or a swim spa ready to sell in Prague or Ostrava, visit our showroom and see our products yourself.


Popular Color Versions

All bestselling outdoor whirlpool baths are available in several popular color finishes. It all starts with a purchase… … but this is not the end. Every purchase means a long-term agreement and a commitment.

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